Handcrafted Cardboard ‘Dogs’ a Common Fixture in China’s College Dorms

Many universities across China are still imposing restrictive Covid-19 policies. Some students have found new ways to maintain sanity, for example, by creating ‘pets’ out of cardboard boxes.

On most campuses in China, pets are not allowed in dorms. However, by using old boxes and a little imagination, students have found a creative way to bring their pet-ownership dreams to life.

Over the past few weeks, multiple hashtags related to the cardboard pet craze have been popular on Chinese social media, with netizens sharing photos of their handmade cardboard creations. 

In addition to dogs, some students are transforming boxes into cats, sheep, dinosaurs, and even cockroaches

Cartoon characters are also being recreated in cardboard, including Pochita from the hit anime Chainsaw Man and Dio from the Japanese manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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