Head-turning  Halloween Snacks in Greater China


Both Western chain eateries (like KFC and Starbucks) and domestic ones (such as CoCo and Holiland) have jumped on board the Halloween trend, and are offering terrific treats this year.

Which of these unique bites and beverages would you try?

1. KFC

Partnering with Heinz, KFC China has launched sweet and spicy chicken wings, spicy cheese fries, a bright red tomato soda, and Heinz ketchup packets rebranded as ‘blood bags.’ 

The fast-food chain, which serves a mean egg tart in China, has also introduced Halloween versions of the flaky pastry.

Food specials aside, KFC China is currently offering themed SpongeBob SquarePants toys. Think SpongeBob with an unsettling detachable face, and Squidward in an orange coffin.

2. Lawson

The Japanese convenience store franchise has added a new collection of desserts to its shelves. Most are (appropriately) pumpkin-flavored.

Lawson’s Halloween specials include four themed cakes, a pie, a sandwich, and cookies resembling witch’s fingers.

3. CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

Taiwanese milk tea brand CoCo has collaborated with Japanese anime company Sanrio to release Halloween products revolving around Kuromi, a major antagonist in the Hello Kitty franchise.

Customers can currently get two themed drinks — a grape-flavored soda and a black sesame smoothie — and Kuromi merch — like straws, cups, hair bands, socks, and stickers — from CoCo stores.

4. Holiland

Chinese bakery Holiland's ‘What the Ghost' series includes spooky new breads and pastries, and a special tote bag, among other things.

Designed for the social media age, the coconut latte-flavored, ghost-shaped pastry ‘bleeds’ chocolate when sliced down the middle.

Meanwhile, Holiland's Halloween bread, which is also coconut-flavored, gives a nod to frisbee’s growing popularity in China.

5. Lonely God

A Taiwanese company specializing in snacks, Lonely God has launched Halloween-themed chips in three flavors: spicy cheddar cheese, truffle, and classic salt.

Honorable Mention: Starbucks

Unlike in other parts of the world, Starbucks China isn’t offering special Halloween beverages this year. That being said, the coffee chain is selling themed servingware, from mugs to candy bowls.

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