Instead of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, China Loves Persimmon Desserts & Drinks

Are you tired of city life? Then check out this Beijing cafe, which is all about pastoral pleasures. Day Off Dreamer Cafe recently redecorated for the fall season — think tons of haystacks and pumpkins.

Influencers have been flocking to the cafe in droves to take advantage of its thematic photo props.

Posters with (with semi-ridiculous) slogans, such as, “Do more shots, meet more often,” are part of the decor.

Day Off Dreamer Cafe also sees elements of localization. Instead of pumpkin-flavored products, another autumn fruit takes center stage: persimmon.

Popular items on the menu include the persimmon Daifuku, which has a similar texture to mochi.

And forget pumpkin spice lattes: Persimmon beverages are what’s up in China.

Persimmon tiramisu and cake are two other sweet treats at the cafe.

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