Rapper Called Out for Misogynistic Lyrics

Angelababy vs.  MC HotDog

Are Hong Kong model Angelababy and Taiwanese rapper MC HotDog set for a high-profile feud like the one between Kanye West and Taylor Swift? Maybe.

The rapper’s sexualized shout-outs to high-profile female celebrities in his latest track have sparked a heated debate on Chinese social media.

In the song ‘Ladyboy,’ MC HotDog raps, “You are my Angelababy / or are you just nasty,” and hints at their relationship being “more than just a friendship.

In another bar, MC HotDog similarly refers to songstress G.E.M. (or Gloria Tang Sze-wing) using a homophone to describe sexual intercourse.

Netizens did not enjoy the tone of the references and called the rapper out online. One comment that has been liked more than 40,000 times states that the track is “disrespectful towards women,” followed by a puking emoji.