‘Chinese Mother Chic’ is the Newest Ageless Fashion Trend

Floral prints, layers, vests, and slip-on shoes are all hallmarks of a new trend based on the dressing habits of Chinese mothers. On the Chinese internet, this senior fashion style is known as 华裔老妈风 or ‘Chinese diaspora mother chic.’

The style was popularized by Michelle Yeoh’s character in the 2022 absurdist dramedy film Everything Everywhere All At Once, an immigrant mother and laundromat owner named Evelyn.

During a Chinese New Year celebration in the film, Evelyn wears a red dress with a floral print and gold buttons — a bold fashion choice, but one favored by Chinese mothers.

Many Chinese mothers also like to layer up in keeping with their more conservative ideals, and their general dislike of the cold — a long tradition based in the belief that cold weather is bad for your health.

Along with ‘Chinese Mother Chic,’ other senior-inspired fashion trends are on the rise across the globe. So don’t be surprised if, upon returning home for the holidays, you discover that your mother has become a better dresser than you.

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