Chinese Men Still Hate Comedian Yang Li’s Jokes

On September 13, Chinese comedian Yang Li performed on season five of the stand-up comedy show Rock & Roast.

Unsurprisingly, her polarizing gender-related humor went viral (again) on the Chinese internet.

Her set highlighted the struggles of finding love.  She joked, “Some people choose boyfriends like my grandma chooses pork ribs — give me the worst one!” (In Mandarin, the word ‘lan’ can either mean ‘worst’ or ‘tender.’)

Netizens are divided by her performance. Some have praised her content for its relatability and honesty, while others find her sentiments towards men offensive.

Those in the latter group have hurled insults at the comedian ranging from, “The reason this girl can’t find love is because she isn’t funny,” to “This piece of garbage has reappeared to find relevancy again.”

Yang first rose to fame after competing in the third season of Rock & Roast in 2020. She is most known for her punchline, “How can men be so average yet so confident.”

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