Chinese Celebrity Comes Out With Partner During Livestream

Internet celebrity Chen Lv (left) and idol Liu Cong (right) recently announced their relationship during a livestream.

The more famous of the two, Liu, who was born in 2001, rose to fame after competing in the idol show Produce Camp 2021.

The news went viral on Weibo on September 6, and the top related hashtag was viewed 900 million times in 24 hours.

Most netizens have been supportive, although several have wondered if it was all just a publicity stunt.

“Nice one, congratulations! Some idols do not even dare to admit they’re in a relationship.”

“Didn’t expect to see news like this in the Chinese entertainment industry. This is how gay relationships should be.”

It’s no secret that the Chinese government is reluctant to acknowledge or embrace LBGTQ rights. Chinese regulators have closed multiple gay bars across the country, canceled the annual Shanghai Pride event, and toned down same-sex relationships in popular media.

Nevertheless, many Chinese audience members derive pleasure from same-sex content. Chinese boys’ love dramas such as The Untamed, Heaven Official’s Blessing, and Word of Honor are widely watched in China.

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