A Centuries-old Herbal Tea Brand and Chinese Bakery's Hot Collab

On December 30, two Chinese household names — bakery Holiland and centuries-old herbal tea brand Wang Lao Ji jointly rolled out limited edition pastries in anticipation of Chinese New Year.

One of their bestsellers is an herbal tea cake. Served in a receptacle resembling Wang Jao Ji’s signature can, it contains tea jelly, cheese mousse, honey, and sponge cake.

Another dessert from the collaboration is an herbal tea pastry cup Wrapped in Danish pastry and crowned with cream, this crunchy pastry contains tea jelly for textural contrast.

If you like variety, opt for this gift box, which includes four different pastries.

Shaped like a rabbit, an orb, a chestnut, and the Chinese character for ‘Ji’ (吉), the sweet treats respectively taste of egg yolk and butter, herbal tea, chocolate chestnut, and coconut coffee

Fun fact: The or ji in Wang Lao Ji’s name means ‘good luck’ and/or ‘great fortune,’ and is one of the most commonly used words in Spring Festival wishes.

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