Are ‘Post-Pregnancy Shoes’ a New Trend for Winter?

Chinese influencers have begun promoting a new type of shoes — a slipper/boot combo known by some as ‘post-pregnancy shoes.’

Posts on the lifestyle platform Xiaohongshu are being tagged ‘zuoyuezi shoes’ (坐月子鞋), a phrase that refers to the confinement period after childbirth.

Traditional ‘post-pregnancy shoes’ must cover the whole feet, have soft, thick soles, and wick away sweat to prevent catching a chill.

Some are now touting revamped designs of these traditional Chinese shoes as a trendy style for cold seasons.

These shoes have puffer-jacket-like exteriors and are lined with fluff. They are somewhat similar to the footwear made by the Italian brand Moon Boot.

The ‘post-pregnancy shoe’ tag on Xiaohongshu has 575,000 views, and the style is also popular under other tags for winter apparel.

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