Covid Lockdown in ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ Kicks Ass

Imagine waking up at Shanghai Disneyland Hotel. It’s a beautiful day, and you’re psyched to hit the theme park — except the hotel has formed a ‘closed-loop’ system due to a potential Covid-19 case.

Anyone’s natural inclination would be to panic, especially considering the hotel’s room rates (430 USD per night). Luckily for the locked down guests, their quarantine was free-of-charge.

What might have been a hellish experience turned into a memorable time, thanks to Disneyland staff, who showered the guests with toys and surprises.

Food — and lots of it — helped distract the guests from their predicament. The hotel’s kitchen dished up a mix of Western and Asian fare.

In addition to receiving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the locked-down guests were spoiled with afternoon tea, cut fruit, and pre-bedtime snacks.

For entertainment, they could binge in-room Disney movies for free or peek out their windows at 8:30 PM every night to catch spectacular fireworks displays.

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