5 of the Hottest Chinese Dramas of 2022 To Binge

Chinese streaming platform iQIYI just announced its most popular shows of the year, so grab the popcorn and get streaming.

A fantasy romance between a fairy and an ancient demon, the TV series stars Yu Shuxin and Wang Hedi, and is also available on Netflix.


Love Between Fairy and Devil

Running for 58 episodes, this show revolves around a family through a half-century of social change in China. It is fascinating for its portrayal of how the Cultural Revolution, the one-child policy, and economic upheavals affect ordinary people.


A Lifelong Journey

This crime show is set in a fictional town that's rife with trouble. Huang Jingyu plays a deputy police chief who uncovers mysteries about his own past while investigating a local gang.


Chasing the Undercurrent

This other fantasy romance takes place between a mysterious general and the leader of a village. Male protagonist Ren Jiayu has become one of China’s most popular actors by starring in this show.

Thousand Years for You


In this time-travel TV series, a wrong mathematical formula takes the protagonist (played by Zhang Zifeng) to a parallel universe — where she is only 12 years old.


The Heart of Genius

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