5 Hilarious AI Art Generator Fails

Since becoming more accessible online, AI art generators have become a new tool for Chinese youths to express their creativity. Many platforms allow users to upload their photos and a few keywords. Customized works of art are then created based on these ‘ingredients.’

Some netizens love how their artworks have turned out (see the above example), but not all programs have good ‘artistic taste.’ What follows is a few epic fails RADII discovered online.

For some reason, many AI programs cannot tell the difference between people and animals (we must all be ‘bags of flesh’ to them). 

In the photo above, a man squatting by a fence becomes a dog (but a good-looking one, at least).

Another AI generator recognized the groom as a person but mistook his bride for a pet. Let’s hope the newlyweds are happy about their interspecies marriage.

One AI generator might be too advanced for its time. Its artwork depicts a husband and wife who are both pregnant

Another AI-generated artwork ended up too disturbing for anyone’s liking. A group of friends posing with a spider ended up with web-like markings on their faces and creepy eyes.

What did we say about AI thinking people and animals are one and the same?

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